A passionate professional applied psychometrician

Seongho Bae

  • (Current) Applied Psychometrician @ KOREAPOLYSCHOOL (http://www.koreapolyschool.com) AI Development Team
  • (Current) Psychology Doctoral candidate in applied psychological measurement for the high-stakes personnel decision (in Industrial Psychology Department)
  • Psychology Master in personnel selection for the high-stakes personnel decision (in Industrial Psychology Department)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Venture and Startup Business
  • Bachelor of Industrial Psychology in Industrial Psychology

Developed Softwares

  • kaefa: http://kaefa.seonghobae.me
  • fixsem: https://github.com/seonghobae/fixsem

Research Interests

  • Multidimensional Item Response Theory
  • Multi-Membership Multilevel Models (MMMM)
  • Statistical Learning Theory (SLT)
  • Generalisability Theory (g-theory)